Thursday, October 14, 2010


[This is a review by Director of Development William Franke of a non-Theatre East production]

Last night I went downtown to 3LD Art & Technology Center
to see my friend, Kim Schultz, in NO PLACE CALLED HOME, a one-woman show she wrote & performs, under the adept direction of Sarah Cameron Sunde.
Actually, there are a couple things wrong with that statement. It's not really a "one-woman" show because A) she is beautifully accompanied & underscored live on stage by the musician Amikaeyla Gaston, B) the aforementioned direction by Sunde shapes the show wonderfully and C) she doesn't stay one woman for long. With her skill & under Sunde's direction, she quickly morphs from her American self into several Iraqi refugees—from robust, laughing men, to grieving women to little kids.
In the crudest of nutshells, that's what the show is about: Last year Kim, as part of Intersections International's Iraqi Voices Amplification Project, went to several countries in the Middle East to interview some of the 4 million Iraqis displaced by the war. The show she's crafted from those interviews—and her performance of it—honors those stories admirably.
Although this is not a Theatre East production, it happens to mirror a number of our core beliefs: We believe that theatre enables a greater connection to the world and to each other and that it is a catalyst for critical thinking. And, in line with our core belief that theatre
is not a luxury but should be accessible to everyone, no matter one's economic or social status, they are offering a $3 discount if you use the code FRIEND when you order tickets—which I recommend you do before the show closes on October 31 (playing at various venues—check venue when ordering tickets).