Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Theatre Is Ephemeral

[This is a review of a non-Theatre East production]

There are aspects of live theatre that are exciting: anything can happen, so no performance is the same as any other & it only happens once. But the ephemeral nature of live theatre is also frustrating: it's over before you know it. As if to drive that point home, recently announced that LA BETE would be among the Broadway shows closing earlier than planned.
Associate Director Joseph Parks was fortunate to see LA BETE, as were Artistic Directors Christa Kimlicko Jones and Judson Jones. In fact, Christa said that, years from now, when people ask her what was the most memorable performance she ever saw, she would instantly say "Mark Rylance in LA BETE," likening it to the performances of Laurette Taylor, an actress of the 1940s who was named by many of her contemporaries as the most memorable performer of their lives. (Read more about Laurette Taylor here.)

So if you're looking for some good theatre to see between now and the opening of THE SOLDIER DREAMS, treat yourself to LA BETE.